Leaders in large infusions

  • Sachal has developed systems to infuse the complete 20+ ton 35m hull in one operation leading to unparalleled strength, longevity and cost-effectiveness
  • The use of Cored Super Structures has increased stiffness and reduced weight by up to 300% in superstructure
  • Infusing stiffeners and skins in one shot is a method developed in-house to increase production, strength and cost-effectiveness of previously expensive composite parts. This 3D infusion method has revolutionised the infusion process.
  • Sachal has taken its advanced composite abilities into other industries and markets such as Nacelle cover construction for the wind farm market and high-tech sailing vessel components such as foils.
  • The use of advanced bonding techniques has changed the composites industry, Sachal has adopted and expanded on these techniques which have expanded our abilities and production speed a few fold